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Need peace and tranquility? Yearning for some time to self-introspect? Looking for words to describe those experiences, which need an outflow? Sometimes, reading words to explain the inexplicable can make the real difference. The pictorial figures made in the mind, clear our thoughts and gives meaning to those deep ways of thinking.

Looking into the Mirror is a bouquet of 51 poems, reflecting an array of thoughts put into the rhythm of prose. The gentle beauty of the metamorphosis, which takes place in life, is worth an appreciation. The intuitive temperament of humans is the nature’s gift, which helps us to delve deep into ideas, feelings and experience them.

Cherishing our frame of psyche for situations and fighting the odds is something one must learn, because they are tedious roads, which lead to beautiful landscapes. This beautifully worded book would take you to the journey down the lane, crossroads and vision ahead.